First off, whoever came up with the term "blogosphere" needs an award. It's such a perfect name: sci-fi–ish, futuristic and descriptive. Love it.

Anyway, yesterday I did some exploring of the blogosphere (it sounds like I may have needed a spaceship for that, but I didn't) and discovered a blog called The Galaxy Express. So far the posts I've seen on this blog seem to be sci-fi romance oriented, so it's right up my alley. The latest post, What to Wear to an Intergalactic Ball?, is all about picking the right clothes for your aliens. It's pretty much common sense, but I thought it was cool to have it outlined. Costume design for science fiction novels isn't a topic that's discussed often, but it is important.


TOPAZ status: Chapter 15 is about three-quarters finished, though I'm debating if I want to keep the opening scene. It's touching, but it kind of repeats the same emotions from the last scene of Chapter 14, so it's probably not necessary. Blargh.

SENTINEL status: Debating. I might be almost ready to look at it again.