A few days ago, I read a Facebook status update for C.E. Murphy (one of my fav authors) about how she was not planning on writing over the weekend.

Sounds innocuous enough, right? But it kind of struck me.

Of course I wouldn't write on the weekends if I were a full-time writer, but what an adjustment it would be. Right now, during the week I write after the kids go to bed. On the weekends, my hubby occasionally will take the kids out for a couple of hours to give me a chunk of time to write too.

Essentially, right now, I have two jobs. I just don't get paid for one of them.

Have any of you thought about the changes that would happen in your life if you were to become a successful author? Let's leave the dreams of J.K. Rowling-like millionaire-dom out of it. I'm talking more about how the little things in your life would change.

For me, the idea of working from home permanently is hugely appealing. I can just picture me sending the kids off to school, heading to my computer and working, then being home when they're done for the day. That would be a dream come true.


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