Does anyone else act out the action scenes they write?

Okay, before you roll your eyes and back away slowly, let me explain.

I'm working on Chapter 16 of TOPAZ and there's a fairly intense action sequence where Faith tangles with the guy who kidnapped her best friend. There's one point in particular that I have pictured in my head, but I'm not sure if the movements would be I'm debating if I should enlist my hubby to help me act it out. I just need to find out if Faith would see a movement I want her to be able to see.

So...does anyone else do that? Or am I weird?


TOPAZ status: Chapter 16 is chugging along. I took the original version, written before I made the significant changes to Chapter 15, and I've intensified it. The bad guy is a lot scarier, and I think I'll amp up the tension even more. And I'm debating when I want Jason to show up ('cause you know he will).