As anyone who's read my novel-in-progress on the WD Forums knows, I'm enamoured with superheroes. I've always found them fascinating. I've collected a few comic book series in my time—two that come to mind are Power Pack (yes, I was a child of the 80s) and Darkhawk.

Last night I watched Watchmen. I haven't read the graphic novel, but my husband assures me the movie is pretty much based frame-for-frame on it. It was dark, very gory, and long, but was a good story. I loved how they blended together the histories of all of these very flawed heroes. For most of the "heroes", there was little to no difference between them and the bad guys.

The character I found the most intriguing, though, was Dr. Manhattan. He is what Superman would really be like. As he says, "The world's smartest man is no more a threat to me than the world's smartest termite." He is a being of such infinite power that he no longer understands humanity. He's an alien, without being an alien. He's just...weird. Scary weird.

And, without giving too much away, I'll be thinking of him as I continue to write Faith's story in TOPAZ.


TOPAZ/SENTINEL status: Same as yesterday. I took a break last night and raided Naxx-10 with my guild in World of Warcraft. drops for me, though.