I'm debating trying my hand at a category romance for one of Harlequin's lines, mostly just to see if I can write a contemporary romance that has no paranormal, fantastical or science-fictiony elements.

Even though the lengths for some of the category lines are pretty short (the Harlequin Romance line, for example, has a 50K word limit), I think it would be a challenge. It would force me to focus on the romantic aspect of the story. Sometimes, in SENTINEL and TOPAZ, I think the romance gets lost behind the other elements.

My mind might be wandering in that direction, too, because TOPAZ isn't motoring along quite as nicely as it has been. Must stay focused. Must stay focused...


TOPAZ status: I started another scene in Chapter 19 last night, but baby (hmm, almost can't call him a baby anymore; he's nearly two!) decided he didn't want to sleep. So Mommy's writing was sacrificed for most of the evening.