In my last post, I suggested that new writers should read as much as possible in the genre in which they want to write. If you're aspiring to be a paranormal romance or urban fantasy writer, here are some authors you might want to check out.
  • Katie MacAlister – She writes funny, engaging stories that border on the silly but are always emotionally fulfilling and enjoyable. I study her books for her use of dialogue—light, airy, but with impact. If you like dragons, check out her Aisling Grey, Guardian series; for vampires, her Dark Ones series.
  • Terri Garey – She's a relatively new author to me; I just discovered her Nicki Styx books in the spring. I found them highly enjoyable and in some parts, laugh-out-loud funny. That series, about a woman who suffers a heart condition and wakes up with the ability to see the dead, starts with DEAD GIRLS ARE EASY.
  • Lynsay Sands – I've read a number of Lynsay Sands' vampire Argeneau series, and one of the best things about her take on vampires is their origin. It's refreshingly new. I'll let you read it for yourself.
  • Carrie Vaughn – While not a romance, Carrie Vaughn's Kitty the werewolf books are must-reads for paranormal authors. The arc she's explored with her main character from the first book to now is phenomenal. I love how she blends the wolf characteristics into Kitty's everyday life. The series starts with KITTY AND THE MIDNIGHT HOUR. Also, do yourself a favour and follow her blog. Her geekiness will make you smile.
  • C.E. Murphy – She seamlessly blends Celtic mythology with Cherokee spirtuality in her Walker Papers series. Her character is a reluctant shaman who barely believes in the magic that's suddenly revealed all around her, and, because of that, she's very relatable. The books are also subtlely funny. This is another author whose blog I highly recommend. Her blog posts never fail to make me think, or smile, or both.
  • Kelley Armstrong – Another urban fantasy author I highly recommend. She writes fabulous, strong female characters, very conflicted, but very likeable. Her Women of the Otherworld series is not to be missed.
  • Charles de Lint – The lone male author on my list. He's one of the first urban fantasy authors I ever read. I found he blended the magical with the mundane so effortlessly, I half-expected myself to stumble across the things he wrote about. Check out MOONHEART and JACK THE GIANT KILLER.

Have you read any of these authors or books? What do you think? Do you have any authors you would recommend as well?