I've been a little neglectful lately, blog. I'm sorry. Unfortunately, my attention has been gobbled up by my actual paying job (projects, deadlines, meetings, the usual) and my free time has been spent on rewriting TOPAZ instead of writing blog entries.

On that note, things are going well! The rewrite of chapter 28 onward of TOPAZ is turning out quite good, actually. I'm much happier with the sequence of events. The logic/repetitive event issues that were bugging me are no more. I'm also loving that I'm getting a little deeper into Jason's psyche with this rewrite. The poor guy has been through hell and back, and I think I kind of glossed over that in the original version. I'm spending more time on it now.

On the re-post of Chapter 28 on the WD Forum, I got the comment that my direction seems a little tighter, less all over the place. It's funny—even though I'm adding pages and possibly extra chapters, I agree with that sentiment. I hope that sticks through the rest of the book.


TOPAZ status: Working on Chapter 34 tonight. Love scene! (Chicka chicka bow bow)