The other night, I had a writing-related dream for the first time. Not about my characters, but the actual writing itself.

I dreamt I'd provided the first few chapters of my ms to the critique coordinator of my RWA chapter (which I'm planning on doing this week). In my dream, she met with me in person (which I doubt will happen; everything will be through e-mail) and admonished me for not having enough conflict in the book. "There are only four points of conflict in the first chapter!" she shouted, smacking the paper.

I woke up thinking, "What the...?" and then mentally reviewed the conflict(s) introduced in the first chapter. And proceeded to tell my brain to shut up and concentrate on SLEEPING while sleeping instead of worrying about writing.

Brains are funny things. I know mine was just trying to tell me that I'm worried about getting TOPAZ perfect now that it's complete, but still.

Happy writing!