I'm a writer.

I write weird stories about people with strange powers.

And it freaks me out to talk about it.

There's an opportunity coming up, care of my RWA chapter, to pitch to an editor. The idea of sitting there and telling someone about my writing--selling it in person--is seriously freaking me out. I know that this is something I'll have to get over as I foray more and more out to agents, etc., but it just feels weird to talk about my stories.

Like when I'm at my RWA chapter meetings, and someone asks me what I'm working on, I can feel the blush start to rush up my neck and into my pale, freckly Irish complexion. (World-class poker player, I am not.) I have this irrational urge to apologize for my stories being odd.

Except...they're not really all that odd, considering that paranormal romance is a pretty hot sub-genre right now. I mean, are my stories any weirder than a werewolf named Kitty?

Does anyone else have this problem? Please?