Does anyone dream about their stories? Other than an initial dream that might plant an idea in my head, I don't. Many nights I'll lie in bed, lights off, dozing, and think about my characters and the crazy situations they find themselves in. I'd love to drop into their world for a little bit and find out what they'll do next...but, invariably, I don't. I guess they want to keep their secrets until I'm sitting in front of the computer, ready to write it all down.

I think maybe TOPAZ, my WIP, originated from my dreams of flying (everyone has those, right?). Faith, the MC, has wings, but they're not your typical feathered, pretty-as-a-Christmas-angel wings. They're bat-like, bordering on ugly — which, logically, is what a human would have for wings. A funny thing about my dreams of flying, though, which I realized only recently: in them, I'm never higher than treetop height. Why? Because I'm scared of heights! Luckily Faith doesn't have this handicap, so she's quite content jumping off 50-storey buildings.


TOPAZ status: Still working on Chapter 14. It just does not want to be written, probably because I haven't found the right Chapter 14 yet. Frustrating.