Starting a new blog is kind of like a point-of-view character waking up from a coma. All the regular questions come to mind: Who am I? How did I get here? And, mostly importantly, what the hell happened?

The answers for the first two questions are fairly easy to come up with: I'm Jenn Lidster, an aspiring author of out-of-this-world romances. I love the emotions inherent in romances and the fact that romance novels always have a happy ending. But I grew up reading science fiction and fantasy, so sub-genres like paranormal romance, sci-fi romance, urban fantasy romance and the like are perfect for me.

So...what the hell happened? Well, nothing yet. Other than having an uncontrollable urge to write since I was about 12. I've completed one novel, which is currently in the what-was-I-thinking-this-SUCKS stage, and I'm working on a second. Novel 1 is tentatively titled BADGE OF THE SENTINEL, a paranormal romance, and my work in progress is TOPAZ, a superhero romance (not sure if that's an actual sub-genre...but now it is). I hope to have TOPAZ out on agent queries by the end of the summer, at which point I'll revisit SENTINEL and all its issues.

I also hope to have a website up and running by the fall. Stay tuned!